It’s no secret that having a diverse workforce brings incredible benefits to any organization. From driving innovation with fresh perspectives to better representing your customer base – diversity is a transforming factor. But improving your recruitment process to attract top diverse talent? That’s where many companies fall short.

If you’re reading this, you likely already understand the “why” behind prioritizing diversity. You know it leads to smarter problem-solving, more creativity, and better decision-making overall. What you may be struggling with is the “how.” How do you turn your good intentions into actual results when it comes to hiring more diverse candidates?

It’s not easy. We need to test and put new strategies into practice, unlearn outdated ways of thinking, and overcome unconscious biases. But it’s worth it when you finally crack the code on building a dynamic, diverse team.

That’s why here are some hard-won tips on transforming your recruitment efforts from the ground up.

6 ways to improve your diversity recruiting strategy

1. Start With the Job Descriptions

Those simple blocks of text are often the first interaction candidates have with your company’s brand. And you’d be amazed how many accidentally exclude various pools of talent from the get-go.

Go through those job posts carefully. Look for subconscious language bias, jargon that’s exclusionary, or unkind cultural references that make certain groups feel unwelcome. Once you’ve cleaned them up, make your commitment to diversity crystal clear in the descriptions.

2. Get Resourceful With Sourcing

If you keep fishing in the same familiar ponds, you’re going to keep catching the same types of candidates. It’s time to get creative in diversifying your sourcing channels.

Tap into niche job boards, university career fairs, professional diversity organizations, or even just varied social media platforms. You have to go where the diverse talent pools are already gathered if you want to reach them.

3. Get Rid of “Gut Feeling” Hiring

We all know what it feels like to have an instant “click” with a particular candidate who just feels like the right fit. Yet more often than not, those gut instincts are driven by unconscious bias rather than data.

Force yourself to make hiring decisions based solely on proven skills and achievements by embracing practices like blind resume screening. Take identities out of the picture until you’ve given every applicant a completely fair shake based on hard qualifications.

4. Educate Hiring Managers

Your recruiting efforts will be ineffective even with strong policies in place if your frontline hiring managers do not see the benefits of diverse teams. Invest in thorough training to open their eyes to preconceived notions they may be carrying.

More importantly, arm them with clear rubrics and step-by-step interview tactics to remove bias from the process. We’re humans, so unconscious tendencies will always exist – but they don’t have to dictate your hiring decisions.

5. Walk Your Talk

The brutal truth is that candidates from minority backgrounds are going to be highly skeptical of any company that simply pays diversity a pass. After being overlooked and

/or negative assumptions, they need to see you authentically embracing diversity through your employee culture and values.

Don’t just hire diverse teams – create an environment where they feel empowered to show up fully as themselves. Listen, learn, invest in employee resource groups, and boldly celebrate your team’s differences.

6. Measure, Analyze, Evolve

Simply stating you want a more diverse workforce isn’t enough. You need to diligently track where you’re making progress through metrics like hiring rates and retention across demographics. Just as crucially, analyze where you’re falling short so you can iterate and refine your diversity recruiting tactics over time. This is a continuous journey, not a one-and-done checkbox.

If you want to stay competitive in today’s global economy, you can’t afford to keep hiring from the same homogeneous talent pool.

It’s time to seek out the unique, the underrepresented, and the brilliantly different. With genuine commitment and the right blueprint for action, you can consciously construct a workforce that changes everything for your company.

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