Capstone Solutions is your go-to facility management & Housekeeping Recruitment Company in the UAE and Middle East. We’re the staffing masters obsessed with assembling top-notch janitorial and facilities teams to keep your operations looking sharp and running smoothly.

For businesses operating in the UAE and Middle East’s thriving market, having a clean and tidy facility with skilled facility management and cleaning crews is more than just looking pretty – it’s an essential requirement.

What Does a Cleaning Recruitment Company Do?

Filling facility management and cleaning roles require a very specialized recruitment approach. The staffing consultants are trained to assess the precise skills, experiences, and qualifications needed to thrive in different roles. They take care of the following:

  • Evaluating technical proficiencies with cleaning equipment/chemicals.
  • Vetting knowledge of safety protocols and procedures.
  • Screening for strong ethics and integrity.
  • Assessing communication abilities and customer service.

With industry-specific expertise, these companies can rapidly identify the diamonds in the rough – those facilities top performers with the right blend of technical skills and professional polish to keep your facility sparkling.

Do You Need Dedicated Facility Management and Housekeeping Recruitment Services in the UAE?

Trying to handle facility staffing through general hiring channels will lead to disaster. You need a partner completely specialized in this unique vertical, including:

  • Sourcing hard-to-fill roles like facilities managers, building superintendents, and cleaning supervisors.
  • Understanding technical skills for different facility types.
  • Ensuring staff have proper certifications and credentials.
  • Vetting for experience in your industry’s regulatory environment.

Don’t leave a crucial function like facilities and cleaning to chance. Partner with the facility management recruitment experts at Capstone Solutions to staff up with dedicated professionals ready to maintain and secure your sites

Why we are the #1 Facility Management & Cleaning Recruitment Company in the UAE and Middle East

When it comes to sourcing and screening facility and cleaning talent, the squad at Capstone Solutions are the true experts you need on your team. Here’s the inside scoop on what makes us so good:

1. Laser-Focused Specialists

We’re not general recruiters, this is one of our specialties. Staffing facilities is our focus. We’ve leveled up our industry know-how and candidate pipelines to the max.

2. White Glove Screening

Our screening isn’t an ordinary one. We operate strict protocols to ensure candidates check every box for security, compliance, and certifications. No blindspots over here.

3. Bespoke Sourcing

We take the time to deeply understand your facilities and regulations inside and out. That way, we can carefully curate professionals perfectly suited for your business’s unique needs.

4. Talent Networks

Our candidate connections span worldwide, so we can rapidly deploy qualified teams to your the UAE and Middle East sites without breaking a sweat.

5. True Staffing Partnerships:

We’re not just resume pushers, our consultants operate as embedded partners supporting your facilities crew needs from scheduling to dispute resolution to performance audits.

Whether you need janitors, supervisors, engineers, or full management teams, we’re your perfect resource for staffing up quickly and confidently. Don’t settle for less, reach out, and let’s build an amazing team!

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